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Alan Hailston
Photographer, Artist & Graphic Designer


Over the years, for what now seems like a lifetime, my passion for nature photography and my strong belief in faith has finally come together in my latest collection of works; the Mission Gallery. Today, as a retired senior, and like so many others who spent the past 3 years struggling through the Covid pandemic, I knew it was time for a new life purpose.

As an accomplished photographer and graphic designer all my life, I have enjoyed a long and lucrative career, having been blessed with an abundance of creativity since my childhood years. You see, I was born with crippled legs and have been wearing a prosthetic leg since the age of 12. It was then, while praying and recovering from the pain and shock of the amputation, that I had my first encounter with God. Now, many years later, I realize that it was back to that day and point in time, that it was God who gave me a gift of talent in trade for my loss. I've been extremely blessed ever since.

God is with me every day. He's with me while I reflect on His magnificent creations with my photography. God guides and continues to inspire me. I feel His presence. 

One morning, about a year ago, I was thinking over a piece of scripture while photographing birds in the park, when the idea of using my photography to compliment God's word whispered through my head. Some might say it was a calling. I'd have to agree. So why not, I thought. Inspired and refueled with a new purpose, I've been creating and designing new pieces seemingly every day since.

Together, with my wife Marcia, our works were first viewed and shared in several craft shows in Virginia Beach during 2022. The response was overwhelming, thus providing the catalyst for the need of this website and our continuing mission of sharing the gift that God gave me as a way to help uplift others. 

Our mission continues. Stay tuned for future updates and new releases. Help spread the Word. Feel free to bookmark and share our gallery with others. We would gratefully appreciate it.

God Bless you,

Alan & Marcia Hailston

Virginia Beach, Virginia






© 2022 Alan Hailston

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